Sexy Fucking Money

Experience the life you desire by allowing money to support you every step of the way. This one-of-a-kind money experience will equip you with the blueprint and money routine you need to design your dream life. Go from confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed by how you manage your money to feeling confident in your purchases and investments, having fun playing with your money, and feeling sexy about the life you're creating. 


This is for you if:


YOU want more money in more places

YOU desire to PAY YOURSELF more than ENOUGH

YOU Are ready to LIVe a more joy-filled LIFE 

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Because your CPA is not worried about your cash flow! And you are likely NOT maximizing your ability to save money and minimize your tax bill.


Because your Bookkeeper's brain doesn't work like mine. No strategies on how to increase profits, minimize expenses, or create solutions that will solve your money problems.


Because no other "financial expert" is going to dive so deep into your life and money, the way I do. You pay for my services, not for me to sell you just a product.

Why the SFM Experience?


your money

What do you believe to be true about money?
What do you value using money for? Your money beliefs has everything to do with creating the perfect Personal Prosperity Plan that works for you.

What does your family structure look like?
Whether you are single, married, divorced, do or do not have children, have fur babies...this will determine how we use your money in a way that benefits everyone.

What do you intend to experience or acquire in your lifetime?
Getting clarity on what you truly want in this life is vital to allow money to fully support your dreams.

What goals do you have for your business?
Discover precisely what your business needs to generate and exactly how to flow money to be profitable, pay yourself more than enough, cover expenses, and save for taxes.

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your family

your life

your business

the experience

This is your week to grind. You gather all your personal and business financial information and put them into simple, online forms.  Day 1 you get a Welcome Email to set your expectations for the week and even some tips to prepare for the next 4 days. Day 2 you will learn to lean into the feminine side of things and dream BIG to uncover the life you truly want to experience. Day 3 you will provide all things personal from answering a few questions, providing your personal income, bills, and debt. Day 4 you will provide all things business from your business gross revenue numbers to your business expenses. Day 5 you celebrate all your hard work and do a few housekeeping things to prepare for week 2.

This is your week to relax! I now have everything I need to work my magic behind the scenes. I take all the information you provided and put them into my nerdy but sexy spreadsheets and begin the process to unfuck your money all while you sit back and listen to a book. Your only job is to take 30 minutes a day to listen to the stories, be open to the ideas, and wrap your mind around the concepts. I will be applying everything you hear not only to your business finances, but I take it 10 steps further into your personal finances.

The big reveal! Now this is when it gets sexy! You will continue to listen to the book and we will also jump on a 2-hour intensive zoom call where I will reveal to you exactly how your money is flowing and all of the possibilities to experience your dream life asap. I will provide you with multiple recommendations and show you live, in-the-moment how your life can change by playing with the numbers. You get to be a part of the magic here. After this call, you will have your PPP (Personal Prosperity Plan) and your weekly Money Routine.

This is your week to shine! You will have taken the necessary actions to implement your Personal Prosperity Plan and together we will go through your Money Routine. We will hop on a 60-minute zoom call and plug in your money into your Money Routine and execute your routine for the very first time.

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week 1 

week 2

week 3

week 4

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What's included

personal prosperity plan (ppp)

weekly money routine

editable Excel workbook

over 15 excel spreadsheets

personal tutorial video for your ppp

things you need to know

This is a 4-week deep dive into your personal and business finances. You cannot create a sustainable money plan for your business without mapping out the personal side of your money.

Since this program is only four weeks long, you will experience momentum with your money fast; however, your state of financial health is not completely known to me until week two. Depending on the state of your finances, we may be able to create magic, and I may be able to tie everything up with a pretty little bow at the end of week four OR there is a possibility you will need additional support beyond the initial SFM 4-Week Experience.

what happens next

You will fill out the SFM application to see if you are a match for the program. I only work with those I fully believe are an energetic match and will experience massive results. 

If you are selected, you will receive an email with the SFM Commitment, SFM Contract, and a link to set up your payment.

in this 4-week experience

Having multiple companies left me in the cycle of living in a scarcity mindset, storing away my money, and fearful around investing.  I was working for no personal pay. With SFM my husband & I got on the same page, I earned a weekly paycheck, & we now have bonus incentives in place to encourage both of us to show up financially. My business income and expenses are simplified, we have saved money, gained peace of mind, and I've released non-income-producing activities. We have set savings goals, a clear direction, and our money routine is fun! Yes, we have fun playing, and moving around our money. Jenn dug deep, understood our money mindsets, our goals, and tailored our money routine in a way that worked for both of us. If you are on the fence it's time to get off, plugin, and get sexy with your money! 

- danielle throckmorton

Many of the programs I have done before left me feeling overwhelmed and ashamed. Jennifer provided me with a very detailed plan of action on how to handle my money, pay bills and save money. I feel confident in knowing what to do with my money. I have been able to pay my bills on time because of my new Personal Prosperity Plan and Money Routine we designed. It's actually working. I have been able to reach financial goals that once seemed impossible. I always wanted to book a multi-family vacation but never felt we had the means to do it. Just this month we were invited to book a vacation with other families and pay for it because the money was sitting there in a separate account. Every call we get on, I never know what we can do to improve my money routine, but by the end, I'm so excited for what we get to experience in the coming months.

- Diana guintu

I was so ashamed and embarrassed about my money. After the SFM experience, I am working 108 hours less a month, paid off over $1,000 in collections, raised my credit score 111 points, saved over $7,000, PLUS planning my second vacation in less than 6 months. Jenn held me accountable and was always on my ass to make sure I wasn't unintentionally spending my money. Now I take pride in my credit score, growing savings, the house projects I've been able to complete and so much more!

- buddy corbin

Founder of Reach Retreat & Owner of Throckmorton Events

Speaker, Author, Life Coach, & Licensed Counselor 

Fireman & Paramedic

Are you ready to:

Know exactly what your business needs to generate each month to have a profit, pay yourself for your dream life, invest in your business, always have taxes covered?

Feel confident in how to flow and separate you money so it can support your business to be sustainable AND to support the life you want to live?

Stop calculating numbers in your head and know immediately the exact amount of money you have for every expenditure both personally and professionally?

Effortlessly manifest things in all areas of your life and experience abundance on levels you cannot begin to imagine?

Spend less time working while simultaneously building your wealth and spending more time with your family and doing the things you love?

See the numbers in your bank accounts multiple with ease and be able to purchase things you want and invest in the next big thing for your business?

Trust me, I've seen it all! It doesn't matter how messed up your money situation or your life is. Very few actually have their shit together (contrary to what social media or their business marketing looks like). This is a judgement free zone. I'm here to turn that shame, guilt, or embarrassment into pure confidence around your money. 

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You don't have to be organized to experience massive results from this SFM. If you are organized, you'll fly through the first week. If you're not organized, this is the perfect time, excuse and reason to gather all your financial information and I'll organize it for you. The cool thing is that your Personal Prosperity Plan can be updated at any time...we just need to start somewhere and start NOW!

If you and your partner are open to going through SFM together, you will get INSANE results. Whether it's your life partner or business partner...let's do it. If your partner is not on board (or maybe you're considering not even telling them), that's ok too. Family's and relationships have been transformed by one brave soul signing up and leading the way for their family.

If you own multiple businesses, we will choose one to focus on during this experience. SFM was designed to be a foundational program that is short, fast-paced, and gets you quick results. Working on one business at a time will get you maximum results. I'd choose the business that generates the most income to start with.

If you don't have a business, the SFM experience isn't the perfect fit for you BUT I do offer other programs that cover the same portion of the personal side of the finances that would be more cost effective for you. Click here schedule a Money Consultation Call with me and we will find the perfect path for you!

Imagine what it would feel like to never have the feeling of "I don't have money for that" again! Many people don't have extra money laying around and things are a little crazy right now ( pandemic). But the truth is, those that don't invest rarely get results. When you invest money into something, you show up and do the work. I'm here to change your life, not give you handouts. Click here to schedule a Money Consultation Call. Let's get creative and find you the money to invest in yourself and change your life and your family tree.

Experience Options

This experience is valued at over $18,900.
Based on your unique financial scenario, I will recommend either a VIP Day, 6-Week Experience, or a 12-Week Experience. Investment price is based on the simplicity or complexity of your personal and business finances. *Price will be quoted on your sales call. 

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