My life took
a huge shift

I went from single, party of 1, to a family of 5 working in a toxic environment (I was the sole income provider after convincing my husband to be the stay-at-home-dad), with a six-figure salary...doing what I was REALLY good at. It wasn't until the 1am call that changed my life forever. In the following 12 months, I had no idea I would be diagnosed with complex PTSD, be asked to cooperate in unethical practices, get fired from my "dream job", start my own business, separate from my husband, become a single mom, be forced to file bankruptcy and start from zero all over again. This wasn't the mid-thirties I had planned...but here I am, THRIVING

What I love:

The smell of incense burning, the sound of the record spinning, holding a glass of red wine and neck deep in a hot bath after a long day.

what i love:

Going on adventures with Abbey...hearing "this is so beautiful mommy" as we explore nature, the frustrated look on her face when I take the 57th photo of her that day, and when she snuggles me at night and I say, "You're my #1" and she responds, "You're my #2". I live for these moments!

What I love:

Seeing incredible humans using their past experiences and mental illness as their super power to change the lives of others that are waiting for someone just to say "I've been there too, and there is hope."

Hey, I'm Jenn

First, and most importantly, I am the most unfiltered, intentional mom to my little girl Abbey. I say fuck a lot (but only out of passion!) Good moms say bad words, right? Right! She is the reason I never stop growing. I swear, if she's in therapy one day, it won't be for the same reasons I am!

I am a HUGE Advocate for Mental Health & Suicide Awareness. This is what drives me to never give up in my hardest, most darkest moments. This gets me out of bed when I'd rather sleep the day away.

I am also a Speaker, Money Coach, Financial Manager, and Business Strategist for high-functioning but overwhelmed entrepreneurs that believe their purpose is to change the world through their services. This is what pays the bills and helps me design the life I've always dreamed of.

I mentor a special, elite set of humans that are driven by making an impact, making the world a better place, and using their own life experiences, their failures and their wins, to help other humans improve their life.  I use my own life experiences from being an adult child of an alcoholic, a recovering perfectionist, a corporate runaway, two-time divorcee, bankrupt accountant that lives daily with depression, anxiety, and complex PTSD to connect and inspire my community. I am not a stranger to success or the struggle. What I am is resilient AF...and I have a sick obsession helping others use their super powers to experience a massive amount of money and live a deeply fulfilling life. 

Working for myself has allowed me to focus on my mental happiness and recovery from years of working too much and not taking care of myself first. I've learned that if I'm not good...I'm not good at being a single mom to the most independent, strong-willed, joyful little girl who lights up my world and fuels my flame. If I'm not good, I'm not good to walk my clients through the deep emotions tied to their money. If I'm not good, I'm not a good friend, partner, or daughter. 

I'm so grateful that my business saved my life and supports me to create change in the hearts of the humans that trust me to guide them and co-create a path that supports their dreams.

Work with me

What I'm Digging in 2023

my fav food:

taco truck carne asada tacos

my fav drink:

a fine red wine

My go to tv show:

any Docu-Series On Netflix

My go to store:

target, they just have everything

my best outfit:

Oversized t-shirt & Light Denim

my best lip color:

All shades of Pink