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Unclear what your business needs to make every month to live a life full of that freedom you desire? Uncover the magic number your business needs to make each month.

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You get to have it all...

Who says you can't have it all? Oh, life has hit you pretty hard? Good. Me too. You know what it's like to survive? Great. Now it's time for you thrive! Having everything you want isn't as hard as you think it is. Let me help you draw the line in the sand RIGHT NOW. Let this be the moment you choose to create an intimate experience with your money and to support everything you desire. Allow money to fully support those things that keep you awake at night. We are world changers, so why are you wasting another second not allowing money to flow into you with ease?

say no more

- Ben coffman

Within 1 hour of being on our SFM call, I had the fucking mental drive and excitement for life that I have been struggling to find for almost a year. Not only did I walk away from that call with motivation, an exact $$$ goal for our business, and a clear plan, but I'm finding my fire and happiness again. Our current price sat at $100 a week. We decided, on the call, $250 a week was a better price point for our services.  Before we knew it, we locked down our first client at $250 a week...all within minutes of our call ending with Jennifer. I'm not one to give a product review on any product unless it changes my life in some way. This deserves 50 reviews from me because it saved my life in a big way. 

It saved my life in a BIG way.

Owner & Trainer, Time Out Fitness

Founder of Reach Retreat & Owner of Throckmorton Events

We were debt free, but it didn't give me the freedom SFM did.

Committing to the Sexy Fucking Money experience with Jenn was the best thing I could have done for my family and my businesses in 2020. Jenn dug deep, understood our money mindsets, our goals, and tailored our money routine in a way that worked for both of us. If you are on the fence it's time to get off, plugin, and get sexy with your money!


- Matt & Megan Rogers

For the first time in thirteen years my wife and I are not arguing or blaming each other for the financial mess we are in. I was able to release the guilt and shame I've felt for years for not being "a numbers guy." I would not have recognized that I had felt that way without Jenn and her program. We have done many different financial programs and they have always felt restricted but with the Sexy Fucking Money, I feel I have a guide who is helping me get what I want. My wife and I are excited about the future and feel we have one more person rooting for us to win.

Jenn, you have changed our lives and our children's live and no amount of words can express my gratitude. 

I don't feel restricted like I did with other programs!

Owner, Therapeutic I.T. Support
Owner, One Less Stress Professional Organizing

Hey, I'm Jenn

Not to burst your bubble, but I'm not as perfect as these photos make me look! I mean, I'm resilient AF, but I don't wake up all high-vibe and ready to go every morning. In fact, most days I am crippled with depression or anxiety, dealing with some random complex PTSD trigger (sneaky little fuckers!) or wondering if I have made the right choices in life. It takes work for me to create my own joy, happiness and abundance in my life. Why do I tell you this? You see, happiness is a skill and life doesn't have to be perfect to experience joy! I'm not fucking perfect and neither is my life, and I'm here to share my experiences in life and in my 15 years in business to help you reignite your fire. Click below and read the real dirty details!

the dirty details

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